We are working hard to publish the fall 2020 school information. Feel free to check back often as things will update regularly. You may also contact us directly by phone or email and we will get you connected.

Our biggest hurdle right now is working on “phase” proofing our school so that we can be prepared and operate under any conditions.

Here a some things that never change!

These core beliefs  drive everything we do:


Every student has been made by our creator with a destiny and unrealized potential. We believe that biblically founded academics, discipleship, and servant leadership that are infused with the Holy Spirit’s leading, led by the love and grace of God, will give each student the opportunity to fulfill their God-designed destiny. When we can know God, then we have no limitations. 


We believe that children need to learn the foundational truths of God’s Word, the Bible. In the school, we teach math, science, history, language arts and social studies as core knowledge areas, but viewed through the lens of God’s Word. Biblical truth is taught not only in Bible lessons, but is integrated in every area. The truths of God’s word shape every area of our classrooms. 


Our approach to educating children stems from a deep belief that every parent is called by God to directly train up their child in the way they should go. As it is the parent’s responsibility, we provide an environment that supports this by equipping children to maximize the gifting and grace that rests within them, but only parents can speak identity and destiny into a child.


This core belief comprises our commitment to the educational standards and objectives, the resources, the time frame for learning, and academic assessments which promote the overall learning environment. This exposes children to appropriate learning activities and social skills that develops their awareness of the world around them and helps them mature and grow.