Workbook and Reading focused

Grades 1 and 2

As your student begins primary school, we make your students confidence in their ability to learn our primary goal. Everyone is made with our innate ability to “master” the world that we live in. Our core curriculum provides the foundational elements from reading to social skills to enable students to firmly set the core belief of “I can learn” into their lives. Second Grade then lets your student fly as they develop at their own rate, we equip them by emphasizing reading and comprehension. This allows our students to begin to make choices for themselves as they interact with the teacher, their lessons, and the other students based on how they begin to interpret things from them selves rather than just being shown/told how to. 

Small Class Size

We top our classes out at 12 students to enable our teachers to engage each student individually.

Sonlight’s curriculum “secret” comes down to this: we believe most children respond more positively to great literature than they do to textbooks. Books – quality books – can distill the wisdom of an entire life into the span of a few pages. They can feed us with spiritual insight beyond imagination.

4 days a week

1st Grade
Monday thru Thursday 8:30a to 3:30p

2nd Grade
Monday thru Thursday 8:30a to 3:30p

10 payments of $400 (Aug – May)
Registration fee: $275

learning to read

In grades one and two, students are learning to read. Their primary mode of instruction and learning is still heavily reliant on external input. Our goal is to equip students as readers so that they are learning from what they read by the end of second grade. 

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online core learning

Grades 3 thru 8

In our secondary and middle school grades, we are equipping students to interact with their world based on their ability to read, comprehend and share what they have learned. Our core belief is that our language and thinking skills (literacy) are what make us unique in all of creation. Your student will learn to apply this throughout their learning journey by take the core concepts of how our God set the foundations of the world, and learning how that applies to our lives. Looking at Bible, History and Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science through the lens of our Creator, shifts students away from academic achievement for personal satisfaction and into finding their purpose in the kingdom. 

Ignitia is a versatile online Christian school curriculum and learning management system with dynamic, Christ-centered lessons and interactive features designed to serve teachers and students.

Small Class Size

We top our classes out at 14 students to enable our teachers to engage each student individually.

4 days a week

Grades 3 thru 4
Monday thru Thursday 8:30a to 3:30p

Grades 5 thru 8
Monday thru Thursday 8a to 4p

10 payments of $400
(Aug – May)Registration fee: $275

Parent partnership

We honor that parents are the ones entrusted with the future of their children. Our job is to create a partnership between students, teachers, and parents to best facilitate a kingdom focused learning environment that works with the family system. (no matter how your family structure looks, both parents working, siblings or no, jobs where parents must be gone for extended times, etc….) 

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